Shacknews began as a Quake fan site in 1996. We have grown to cover video games and cutting edge technology with evergreen video, guide, and long read content while providing readers and viewers with the latest reviews, previews, interviews, and news.

At E3 2018, we introduced Shacknews Electronic Sports to the world with the Shacknews World Championship video game gauntlet tournament featuring a $50,000 prize pool. We will continue to create fun and exciting events across a number of gaming conventions.

7号彩票网开户Shacknews has been a voice for gaming for 23 years, and our Chatty community continues to be a very special place on the Internet for Shackers to discuss just about anything. We will continue to expand our reach in the coming year with a brand new way for our users to express themselves like never before.

Hello, Meet Lola
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